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The BA-13B is Coway’s luxury digital Bidet toilet seat and is the Red Dot Design Award winner.

This modern and elegant design has subtle curves and soft lines that will enrich your bathroom whilst delivering uncompromising hygienic power and efficiency. The technologically advanced design of this world renowned Coway product offers an energy efficient instant heating system providing warm, cleansing water for as long as you like. That means no water tank and no wasted energy – now that’s worth smiling about! The BA-13 is the only Bidet to have twin stainless steel wash nozzles in keeping with its modern features.

What is the difference between Ba13A and BA13B?…

The BA13B has 3 additional features:
Wide spray function – This button changes the width of the spray pattern from a narrow to medium or wide spray, similar to your garden hose.
Deodoriser – Sucks foul air from the toilet bowl through a carbon filter reducing odours.
Silver Ionisation – This Bidet sterilises with its own colloidal silver that disinfects the bidet every time you use it.

The BA13 series bidet is manufactured by Coway, the number one bidet manufacturer in Korea with long history and experience in Toilet Hygiene and Water Purification.

Sizing Chart

Please measure to ensure the bidet will fit your toilet. (product suits most toilets) Power (L) Water (R)


Main Features

  • Remote Control – All functions are managed from an easy to use, stylish and intuitive remote control which can be hand held or mounted on the wall.
  • Twin Nozzle – The Rear/Enema & Feminine wash stainless steel nozzles (RFE) are separated to enhance hygiene.
  • Heated Water – Cleanses with warm water and offers 3 temperature settings.
  • Nozzle Stream Adjustment – 3 levels available for the latest water spray technology (intensive cleansing of a focused area or soft cleansing of a broader area by adjusting the water stream width)
  • Nozzle Position Adjustment – The nozzle position moves back or forward to set the exact location to cleanse.
  • Self-cleansing Nozzle – Automatic spray washes the nozzle for 5 seconds before and after every use.
  • Move/Massage – Moves the nozzle forward and backward for a more thorough cleansing.
  • Heated Seat – When sitting on the seat it will warm up to the desired temperature. (very handy for cold mornings)
  • Air Dryer – Blows warm air to gently dry you after a wash and offers 3 temperature settings.
  • Deodoriser – Sucks foul air from the toilet bowl through a carbon filter reducing odours – carbon filter lasts up to 7 years.
  • Soft Close Lid – Allows the lid and seat to close down gently.
  • Auto Power Saving Mode – The unit turns to power saving mode automatically when it is not used for 30 min.
  • Seat Sensor Locking Mode – The bidet will only function if you are seated. However, the Seat Sensor can be turned off so all functions will operate regardless if you sit down or not. This is used for child seats or elderly people who may not activate the sensor.
  • Silver )Ionisation – Exclusive! This Bidet sterilises with its own colloidal silver that disinfects the bidet every time you use it.
  • Nano Sliver Ceramic Water Filter – Equipped with a water filtration MF filter which purifies the water and kills 98% of the bacteria in the water due to nano silver particles.
  • Quick Release – For easy removal of the unit for cleaning.
  • Electrical Certifications – Certified product compliant with Australian Standards Watermark and Electrical certifications.

Bidet Installation:

  • Bidet it is easy to install on almost any toilet pan, please use the plumbing installation guide for more information
  • Bidet will replace your current toilet seat.
  • All the parts required for standard installation of the bidet come supplied with the unit.

 IMPORTANT! Also you will need:

  • Power point within 1.6m from the toilet
  • Access to a water supply in any of the following places:
    1. Behind the toilet (most probably the tap which feeds the toilet cistern)
    2. Access inside the toilet cistern (relative to most closed coupled toilet)
    3. Internal cistern (inside the wall)
    4. Separate water tap nearby

( If unsure or you can’t locate any water source or the toilet lid bolts please Email Us and we will be more then happy to assist you )

For More Info Download Product Brochure

Box Content:

  • Bidet unit
  • Wireless remote
  • Water filter
  • Manual
  • Standard installation kit:
    • T-piece connector
    • Braided hose ( to link the water tap to the cistern)
      • NOTE: if there is no access to the water tank from under the toilet and main pipe connects inside the tank then internal install kit required – available for purchase on our site.
    • Standard installation bolts if there is access to the toilet lid bolts from under the toilet.
      • NOTE: if there is no access to the toilet lid bolts from under toilet then top fixing bolts required – available for purchase on our site.
    • Dual check valve for extra back-flow prevention.
    • Water supply white tube for connecting the bidet to the t-piece water supply.
Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 58 × 50 × 20 cm

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