Sustainable Living With A Bidet

Sustainable Living

In the 1960’s man walked on the moon, a computer that had the brains of a modern calculator was the size of a house and a toilet seat that cleaned a person without toilet paper was invented.

With just the push of a button the seat would clean you with a gentle spray of warm water and then dry you with a stream of warm air and it easily replaced your existing toilet seat. Installation only takes a few minutes and anybody who can hold a spanner can do it. Now almost ½ a century later over 200 million people have one in their homes. A standard bathroom fitting throughout Japan and Korea as well as parts of Europe and America these paperless toilet seats also known as a bidet toilet seat and are fast becoming the most sought after bathroom accessory/necessity in the modern world.

Why is Australia always the last country to get the latest and greatest products well not any more for the last 13 years has made available the paperless toilet seat throughout the Australia. With displays that can be seen across the country. This marvellous invention just replaces your existing toilet seat and can be fitted in just a few minutes, it is available in 7 different models and there is one to suit every home and budget.

Why would you want a paperless toilet seat?

The most common response from people who have had one installed in their homes is how the bidet has changed their perception of personal hygiene. Imagine having to pick up a piece of fresh doggy do with your hands, would you feel clean if you just wiped your hand with a piece of paper? Well this is what we do when we go to the toilet and use toilet paper we wipe and continue on with our day as if all is well. You can only be clean if you use water. Only 40% of the worlds population uses toilet paper and when we think we are being environmentally friendly we think of sustainability and the first thing that comes to mind is the old growth forests.

Normal hard or rough toilet paper comes from recycled paper products and or tree farms, you can see the fibres needed to make the super soft toilet paper come from hardwood trees and these come from old growth forests. These forests are being striped to make our luxury toilet paper.

Untold trillions of gallons of water and cancer causing chemical bleaches are used in the manufacture of these toilet rolls, streams and rivers are polluted beyond recovery and thousands of species of plants and animals are lost every year throughout the world and here at home. If this doesn’t swing you to a paperless toilet then the health of your family should as most colds and flu’s are passed on by the door handle in your own toilet. Tests have shown that bacteria and germs can pass through 4 layers of toilet paper you say you wash your hands after wards but you put down the lid, press the flush then turn on the tap with your dirty hands. Yes, you wash them but then you turn off the tap that you just touched with your dirty hands a few moments ago. And is everyone who uses the bathroom as clean and hygienic as you?

So a few points to consider. If you could:

  1. Help stop the striping of old growth forests;
  2. Help stop pollution of our rivers and streams;
  3. Lessen the chances of your family getting sick;
  4. Improve your family’s hygiene regiment;
  5. Improve your lifestyle and save money at the same time;

Would you?