Love at first seat

Happy Couple Purchase Bidet

Trevor & Airleen Brown wishes they had found the Hyundai bidet toilet seat years ago. “It’s Marvellous” they say !

Trevor a Returned Serviceman says he knew his luck had changed when he saw the Hyundai Bidet in an advertisement in the paper.

“I saw Hyundai’s Bidet toilet seats advertised and it read, ‘This Bidet Toilet seat simply replaces your existing toilet seat and with just the press of a button’”.  After reading that, Mr Brown who has suffered with a medical condition for years said that he was so excited  he bought it on the spot. sent it via Australia Post and it was delivered to his door the next day as promised. Trevor had it installed that week and the seat fit perfectly on their original bowl.

Trevor and Airleen says that apart from the comfort and health factors, The Bidet Seat had  many benefits, including a heated seat and other great idea’s incorporated into it.

Trevor explained how the seat worked and pointed out that once you had finished going to the LOO, “you simply pressed the Auto wash button and that the bidet provides a stream of warm water to clean you thoroughly. Then an in-built fan helps dry you off with warm air.” Mr Brown said. They also found they saved on toilet paper.

Mr Brown said the Hyundai Bidet was one of the best investments they had made in their personal health and hygiene and after years of toileting problems Mr Brown no longer finds going to the loo an issue.

“Give it a go” they say “You will have nothing to loose you will never regret it”