Find and purchase your ideal bidet

At our goal is to make bidets as mainstream in Australia, New Zealand and across the pacific as it in the rest of the world. There are however many obstacles in our achievement of this goal. These obstacles have been categorised into 3 main areas which is hindering expansion of popularising the use of the electronic bidet. These 3 main areas are:

  1. Product knowledge;
  2. The benefits of a bidet;
  3. The subject of bidets;

Our goal is to address the issues about bidets. We cover ‘2. The benefits of a bidet and 3. The subject of bidets’ in our article Benefits Of A Bidet. So this article is going to primarily focus on bidet product knowledge.

Electronic bidets also known as smart toilets are a modern product, though they have been around for some years now, to a large majority of the population they are still a relatively new concept. The bidet seats range from simple to complex. They can range in price from as low as $150 to $1000+ depending on features and the all in one toilet bidet systems can cost up to $5000.

To help you find your ideal bidet we are going to cover all the features individually in this article. Whether the $150 bidet covers your needs or you require a more advanced $800 model or you can see your dream $3000 all in one system in your luxury home we will give you all the information you will need to make an informed decision to your perfect bidet. So lets get started.


One of the most important factors when it comes to purchasing a bidet or any other product for that matter is your budget. When deciding what to spend it is crucial to factor in the potential saving the bidet may include. In the section I will walk you through how to calculate a single saving into your purchase.

On average an Australian family of 4 uses around 512 rolls of toilet paper per year (roughly 160 sheets per roll). With the average cost of a roll of toilet paper at $1.12 this totals to $573 per year. Installing a bidet in your home can cut toilet paper use down by 75% and with some more advanced systems up to 100% but for now we will work of 75%. That’s huge! By purchasing a bidet you can save annually around $430 (75% of $573), which means in 2-3 years a $1000+ bidet could potentially pay for itself. With these savings you could:

  1. Purchase a 42 inch flat screen TV
  2. Two plane tickets return from Melbourne to Gold Coast
  3. 3 months of electricity bill

Water Temperature

Probably the biggest feature of the bidet is whether to choose cold or warm water bidet. All electric bidets come with a water temperature feature. There are two water heating systems:

  1. In-line heating
  2. Tank heating

The in-line heating method will heat the water as it comes through the pipe this provides a slight delay in the heating process. Tank heating will will provide instant warmth.

Electric v Non-Electric Bidets

The price jump from non-electrical to electrical bidets quite considerable. Without electricity though the functions and features of the bidet are severely limited. They do get the job done but that is about where it ends. Some non-electric bidets may include feminine wash, hot wire line tie in or self cleaning nozzles but that is usually the only features they have. Electrical bidets have all the bells and whistles. If you do decide on an electrical bidet you will need an electrical socket though.

Water temperature and electrical or not electrical are the two most important factors when buying a bidet. These two factors will determine if your bidet is closer to $200 or higher than $600. In the next part of this article I will discuss all the possible feature upgrades and describe how each works and how important it is.

Feminine Wash

Most likely the second mos important and common feature is the feminine wash, this would come just after the basic wash. Essentially the nozzles adjusts it angle to cater for females by moving a few centimetres forward. This feature is not needed if the bidet will only ever be used by a male, if you do believe a female may use the bidet then this feature is essential.

Heated Seat

If you live in a cold climate or hate the thought of getting up late at night or in winter to sit on your toilet then this feature is great. It is also one of the most popular features, it also has the option to be disabled in seasons such as summer.

Heated Air Dryer

This feature will save you lots of money, it can usually eliminate the need for toilet paper all together. After the bidet wash is complete a warm stream of air is directed at the wet area. This is comparable to the hand dryers you would see in retail or restaurant bathrooms. It can dry the area relativity quickly and is a feature a lot of people choose to include in their bidet selection.

Adjustable Water Temperature

If you are wanting to include this feature it means that you have already decided to add warm water to your bidet, now you just need to decide if you want to be able to adjust the water temperature that is provided. The vast majority of electrical bidets include this feature by default, by some more basic models do not. This may not be the most important decision to make but if you are going to be using your bidet over a good many years to come it may be wise to choose one which you can find a temperature to suit you.

Adjustable Nozzle Position

Nearly all electrical bidets will have an adjustable nozzle, but you should always verify this is the case. As there are people of all shapes and sizes it is important to make sure that the nozzle is going to properly clean you and the only way to verify this is to make sure the nozzle position on the bidet is changeable.

Adjustable Water Pressure

Most electrical bidets will include adjustable water pressure. This feature is more of a comfort thing, it is not essential but may make the use of a bidet more enjoyable as you can customise the pressure to your needs. This means it will never be to hard or soft for your liking as you can always change it.

Adjustable Spray Width

This feature is not so common with only some of the high end bidets offering it. This feature widens or shortens the spray width, it isn’t an essential feature but a nice addition to have.

Oscillating Cleanse

This feature is not a requirement but most people will enjoy having it. The bidet oscillating cleanse helps to cover a wider spray area by moving the nozzle instead of having to change your body’s position. If you want a premium style clean than this is an excellent feature to have.

Water Pulse Cleanse

Again, this feature is not a requirement but most people will enjoy having it. The water pulse helps to remove any solid matter more efficiently. Again, if you want a premium style clean than this is an excellent feature to have.

Enema Wash

This feature is only offered in some electric bidets. It can help with things like constipation and hemorrhoids. It is crafted to to apply a gentle and swirling wash massage to help relax the anus before a bowel movement.

Self-Cleaning Nozzles

This ingenious bidet feature is common amongst bidets and provides a sense of relief that your bidets nozzle is cleaned after each use assuring optimal hygiene.

Nozzle Sterilisation

This feature also adds to the hygienic bidet philosophy. Though the bidets may use different sterilisation processes it is good to know that it will keep clean and sanitary.

Stainless Steel Nozzles

This is another important hygiene feature. Though it is a small feature stainless steel nozzles are resistant to bacteria. It is resistant because it does not allow for cracks or pores which allow dirt and bacteria to get into which is hard to clean. There are also nozzles made from silver iodide. This is also resistant to bacteria making both these nozzles to premium choice when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness.

Air Deodoriser

This feature is a real luxury item and our customers love it. the air deodoriser does not spray anything nor does it have a smell. It works by absorbing the aroma through a filtration system. The bidet has an inbuilt fan in the side which pulls in the air and then filters it removing and odours.

Power Saving Mode

This option is for the environmentally friendly person inside all of us, who also wants to save some money along the way. It is non essential.