Coway BA 13A Bidet

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Coway BA 13A Bidet

The BA-13A is Coway’s premium digital Round Bidet toilet seat and is the Red Dot Design Award winner.

This modern and elegant design has subtle curves and soft lines that will enrich your bathroom whilst delivering uncompromising hygienic power and efficiency.

The technologically advanced design of this world renowned Coway product offers an energy efficient instant heating system providing warm, cleansing water for as long as you like.

That means no water tank and no wasted energy – now that’s worth smiling about! The Coway BA 13A Bidet is the only Bidet to have twin stainless steel wash nozzles in keeping with its modern features.


Warm water cleansing device (Storage heater) Rear cleansing 1 minute, Max. 0.13gal/min (0.5ℓ/min),
Self-cleaning nozzle
Front cleansing 1 minute, Max. 0.13gal/min (0.5ℓ/min),
Self-cleaning nozzle
Water Pressure 3 levels
Water temperature 4 levels (Off, L, M, H,)
Power (heat) 1250 W
Air dryer device Air temperature 4 levels (Off, L, M, H)
Operate time 2 minutes
Power consumption (dryer) 180 W
Heated seat Seat temperature 4 levels (Off, L, M, H)
Power consumption (Heater) 60 W
Filtration Mesh filter
Toilet bowl sterilization
Nozzle sterilization
Forest sterilization
Other functions Stainless steel twin nozzle, Nozzle position adjustment,
Move, Air+ water stream, Eco mode,
(Wide, Deodorization, Sterilization : BA13-B only)
Safety devices Bimetal, Temperature sensor, Temperature fuse, micro switch
Control type Remote control
Feed water pressure 14.5 psi ~ 100 psi (0.1 Mpa ~ 0.7 Mpa)
Feed water temperature 41 ℉ ~ 104 ℉ (5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃)
Dimensions (W X D X H) Round 15 X 19.4 X 5.7 inch (382 X 493 X 144 mm) (BA13-AR/BR)
Elongate 15 X 20.8 X 5.7 inch (382 X 528 X 144 mm) (BA13-AE/BE)
Net Weight Round 13.2 ℓb (6 kg) (BA13-AR/BR)
Elongate 14.3 ℓb (6.5 kg) (BA13-AE/BE)

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1 review for Coway BA 13A Bidet

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Helped me with my back problems that were aggravated from twisting. Thanks Nigel.

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